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Dear Friend,

If you would like to find out how you can take advantage of this new opportunity working with big name companies, where I make a ton of cash each month, then your in the right place.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, then this is not for you. This is a legitimate work at home opportunity that requires time and effort and can really put dollars in the old bank account.

What's The Scoop?

The truth is that, all of these big companies are trying to find average people like you and me to give them honest customer feedback about their products and services.

They formerly relied upon huge regional trade shows and displays to get invaluable customer feedback. The explosive growth of the internet made them realize they could gather this information much faster.

Now these big companies can do as much research as they want to for a fraction of the cost they used to spend on big venues, travel and employees. They can get a complete survey with honest feedback by paying people like YOU and me TOP dollars for their opinion.

The best news is that:

They not only need me, they are
looking for thousands of people who
are willing to work from home and
want to make serious money.

About Me?

Well, my name is Kimberly Robbins, I am a single mother of three and I have been completing paid surveys and participating in focus groups since 2002. I started out much like you will. Stumbling around in the dark while trying to figure how to make money online.

I was sick and tired of the corporate world. Isn't everyone these days? Combine that with raising three kids, which made it almost impossible to maintain my schedule and the demands my employer placed upon me.

Now, I wake up at home and I'm able to help my kids get ready for school. I enjoy spending more time with them than I ever have before. I smile daily while watching most of my neighbors drive off into rush hour traffic.

I help these big companies make millions of dollars every single day. I'm not a marketing genius or a big sales executive. In fact, to be honest, I know very little about big business.

I do know what “I” like and the reason I make a purchase. You know what? That's exactly the information big companies are willing to pay me a premium for doing their surveys.

If they can't find out what their average customer likes and dislikes, they might not be in business for very long in this highly competitive marketplace.

So what is the solution to this problem? Simply put, they pay millions of dollars every month, to regular people like you and me. In return, these regular people just write down their opinions, and answer a few simple questions.

For example: “What kind of dish soap do you use?”

What Happened?

After purchasing numerous “make money” programs and reading hundreds of websites, I was not any closer to making money than I was at the beginning.

Then, by chance I ran into an old friend who strangely enough just happened to be doing surveys and focus groups for a living.

I explained my situation and she was more than happy to help me get started doing paid surveys and focus groups.

I found I had plenty of time to complete several surveys a day. Shortly afterwards, I made enough money to tell my employer I was “calling in rich” and didn't need him anymore so I was going to have to let them go. It was the best feeling ever!

I finish with the kids in the morning and drive them to school. I then run any errands I have to do, the most fun of which is depositing all my paychecks.

When I get home I do a few more surveys. It's exciting when I see the Money added to my account every few minutes I complete one.

I do most of this online myself while some people prefer to have the surveys mailed to them. I just log on to the internet, sign into my account and complete a survey or two within a few minutes.

During that time I usually make enough money for the day. Not too shabby.

Completing just a few of these per day I can make a great living each month!

I usually then watch some day time TV while:

Taking some simple online surveys - Get paid for each survey.
Participate in a focus group - Get paid per hour.
Trying out new products, everything from new style shoes to the latest cell phones, keeping the products and getting paid.
Previewing Movie trailers online - Even more cash to answer a few yes/no questions.

To complete any of these:

That's all there is to it, if I want to, I can do it over and over again, and make even more money. I never worry about not having enough surveys to complete because there are hundreds of new surveys available daily. The endless supply of surveys will never dry up.

The current demand for “market research” far exceeds the supply. With the current economy, these companies have to know how to get the most out of every customer. As they cut budgets in other areas, they are actually spending more on this type of research.

With this model, the companies save millions a year while getting invaluable feedback. This is the single biggest reason I am able to make a nice income completing surveys and doing focus groups.

Since I started this, I have recruited every single member of my family and they all make either their sole income with this or use it for extra cash when they need it. I have a cousin who just does this on weekends while he is going to school. I think we all want to make more money as the holiday season approaches.

I have a dear friend who had to leave her job to battle cancer. After her successful treatment led to remission, she debated whether or not to go back to work. I told her about what I do and that she should try it out for herself. She was so happy I told her because now, she works from home and spends her precious time with her family.

How Much Would You Like To Earn?

Use this sample calculator below and get an estimate your potential income*:

How many surveys will you do a day?
Average money earned for each Survey?
How many days a week are you going to fill out Surveys ?
How many Focus Groups will you do a day?
Average pay per Focus Group?
How many days a week are you going to participate in Focus Groups ?

Weekly Income: $1,125.00
Monthly Income: $4,500.00
Yearly Income: $58,500.00
This calculator is only to be used as an example of figures that can be potentially earned. The results from this calculator are not typical or guaranteed.

I started this site after I saw how much completing online surveys had financially helped out my family and friends. They are not trapped with a job they can't stand or struggling to pay their bills. They now enjoy going on vacations and buying whatever they want.

I have started a private members area on this site which has everything you need to start completing surveys and joining focus groups.

There are hundreds of big companies who need multiple surveys completed daily.

Although many people currently do complete surveys, there is never a shortage of work. The truth is, they need more and more people just to keep up with the growing demand.

That's where you begin.


You see, I can't just allow anyone to sign up. Why you ask? It's because these are large corporations that require you to complete at least one survey a week. So I reserve the open spots for those who are committed to working from home.

If you're just curious and unsure about working from home or if you can't dedicate at least an hour a week to completing surveys. Then this program is probably not for you.

But, if you are the type of person who really is serious and wants to work and hour or two each day, then I want to invite you in.

"I will finally be able to pay off my debt and begin to have the future I've always dreamt about. So far I have not had any problem whatsoever!!! They make it easy to understand for all those who try this system."

Cassandra M.

"For the first time in a long time it's given me hope to earn extra money without having to sacrifice my family... More time with my children at home; easy to navigate site; get out of debt before the end of this year... It's user friendly, clear with realistic expectations."

Yobanka O.

"I can work on my own time. I do as many things as I want, and I'm still earning money... It gives me the time I need to do what I need to do and not have to worry about a daily job and working around that schedule."

Stacy R.

"I have always been interested in doing surveys online but could not find a reputable company online and the fees were unaffordable for me. Thank you for a chance to continue to provide for my family... This website gave me an opportunity to earn income."

Lillian H.

"I have looked at many other sites and even done trials with other companies. This program surpasses them by far! I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and it is very hard for me to work in a traditional job. This system allows me to work when I want and I don't have to worry about taking a nap if I don't feel well that day. This system is AWESOME! It is way better than the others that I have tried and this is the best. It is so easy to use and the instructional videos are spot on!"

Peggy W.

Risk FREE!

Just like you right now, I was skeptical at first and when I started there wasn't much out there to help people get started. I made this as easy as possible for new users and made sure you have everything you need to get started making money. That is the most important goal for me.

My members have all the latest resources and assistance in getting assignments and cashing in on as many surveys as possible. I have designed the cost to be low and just to cover the cost of providing and updating all the resources involved. This allows you to join and get started right away.

I went another step and backed up everything with a 100% sixty days money back guarantee!

So I have made it completely RISK FREE to join and try it out for 60 Days and see how much money YOU can make.

Unfortunately, I can't take the next step for you. Your future is all about the next step you take. Remember, if you keep doing the same old things, you will get the same old results.

If you act now, you will get the following bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: Get Paid To Do Everyday Things:

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